Yaohua group do the warning reminder work on the eve of National Day and Mid-Autumn festival

source:Yaohua Glassrelease date:2019-11-05

The discipline inspection commission of yaohua group deeply cultivates the responsible land for the construction of clean and honest party conduct, strictly implements the spirit of "five oxen" in the construction of building materials of clean and honest party conduct. On the eve of the Mid-Autumn festival, in accordance with the requirements of the CPC qinhuangdao discipline inspection commission, it carries out the work of warning and reminding.

In 2019, the discipline inspection commission and inspection office of yaohua group focused on the key time points and the key minority to strengthen the work of warning and reminder. On September 29, the group's discipline inspection commission and inspection office discipline inspection commission organized the study and issued the notice of the CPC qinhuangdao discipline inspection commission on further strengthening the work of "four winds" during the period of National Day discipline rectification and rectification. Illegal receiving and sending gifts, gift money, consumption CARDS, etc.; Making use of rare specialties and special resources for personal gain; Private use of public vehicles or "private car maintenance" problems; Illegal access to private clubs; Violation of the rules to participate in the committee, alumni association, comrades in arms; Illegal wedding and funeral festival; Taking advantage of the occasion of the festival to fabricate illegal items such as excessive subsidies or welfare and other violations of the central committee's eight regulations on mental problems were highlighted, and specific requirements were put forward for the implementation of the spirit of the document by the units directly under the central government.

So far, yaohua group has found no violation of the eight regulations and four wind problems.

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